quinta-feira, abril 06, 2006

Israel restaurativo

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(O deserto dos Essénios, o Mar Morto, o Rio Jordão e, por fim, a Jordânia)

Parents Circle - Families Forum

"Long Term Goals - Promoting Reconciliation

The long-term goals of the Families Forum are to promote reconciliation between the Israeli and Palestinian societies.

The Families Forum aims to play a crucial role in spearheading a reconciliation process between Israelis and Palestinians.

Such a process will allow both sides to come to terms with past suffering. The reconciliation process will provide a firm basis for the difficult measures a future agreement will include, by recognizing responsibility of both sides for the past.

By allowing both Israelis and Palestinians to come to terms with the consequences of the escalating violence, both sides will begin to change their beliefs, which are at the root of the conflict.

Currently the parties are too immersed in their own pain to be willing to acknowledge the other’s suffering. By acknowledging the personal narratives of victims of both sides, a new chapter in the relations between the sides may, at last, begin.

Past activities of the Families Forum have generated empathy for bereaved families of the opposing side, by gradually exposing both societies to each other loss.

Palestinians and Israelis have so far avoided recognizing the pain of the other side.

A reconciliation process initiated by the Families Forum can put victims, who refuse to revenge their loss and choose to reconcile at the forefront of public awareness.

In doing so it will humanize both sides and will act as an example to the Israeli and Palestinian people."

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