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1. Mark Umbreit et al, 'RJ in the 21st century: a social movement full of opportunities and pitfalls'. Marquette Law Review, 89(2).

The full article can be downloaded from here: www.rjp.umn.edu/img/assets/18492/Marquette_RJ_21st_Century.pdf


2. The full report of the second stage of the Home Office evaluation of three RJ schemes in the UK is now published:

Shapland, J., Atkinson, A., Atkinson, H., Chapman, B., Colledge, E., Dignan, J., Howes, M., Johnstone, J., Robinson, G. and Sorsby, A. (2006)Restorative justice in practice: the second report from the evaluation of three schemes. The University of Sheffield Centre for Criminological Research Occasional Paper 2. Sheffield: Faculty of Law.

The full report can be downloaded from: http://ccr.group.shef.ac.uk/papers/pdfs/Restorative_Justice_Report.pdf


3. The monthly topic of Restorative Justice Online is the applicability of restorative justice in serious crime cases.
You can read the articles here: http://www.restorativejustice.org/

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