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Handbook of Restorative Justice

Edited by Gerry Johnstone (Hull University) and Daniel W. Van Ness (Prison Fellowship International, Washington DC)

Handbook of Restorative Justice This is a Handbook that brings together the thinking of so many of the leading thinkers of restorative justice. It is plural and cosmopolitan in scope, sophisticated in the way new ideas are brought To the field.

John Braithwaite, Australian National University

This Book provides a comprehensive and authoritative account and analysis of restorative justice, one of the most rapidly growing phenomena in the field of criminology and justice studies. In the last decade it has become a central topic in debates about the future of criminal justice. Hundreds of restorative justice schemes are being developed around the World, and they are attracting more and more attention from criminal justice academics, professionals and policy-makers.

The subject has reached a stage where a comprehensive, reliable and accessible overview of the international phenomenon of restorative justice is required. This Book aims To meet this need, drawing together leading authorities on the subject from around the World in order To:


elucidate and discuss the key concepts and principles of restorative justice


explain how the campaign for restorative justice arose and developed into the influential social movement it is today


describe the variety of restorative justice practices, explains how they have developed in various places and contexts, and critically examines their rationales and effects


identify and examines key tensions and issues within the restorative justice movement


brings a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives To bear upon the understanding and assessment of restorative justice

List of abbreviations
Notes on contributors
Part 1: The Idea of Restorative Justice
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
1 The meaning of restorative justice, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
2 The idea of reparation, Susan Sharpe
3 The ideas of engagement and empowerment, Jennifer Larson Sawin and Howard Zehr
4 Restorative values, Kay Pranis
5 Retribution and restorative justice, Declan Roche
6 Alternative visions of restorative justice, Margarita Zernova and Martin Wright
Part 2: Roots of Restorative Justice
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
7 Reviving restorative justice traditions?, Chris Cunneen
8 Retribution and restoration in biblical texts, Jonathan Burnside
9 Feminist theory, feminist and anti-racist politics, and restorative justice Kathleen Daly and Julie Stubbs
10 ‘The victims’ movement and restorative justice, Simon Green
11 Making amends, Linda Radzik
Part 3: Restorative Processes, Outcomes, Stakeholders
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
12 Restorative processes, Barbara E. Raye and Ann Warner Roberts
13 Satisfying the needs and interests of stakeholders, Mara Schiff
14 Satisfying the needs and interests of victims, Christopher Bennett
Part 4: Restorative Justice in Social Context
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
15 Juvenile justice, criminal courts and restorative justice, James Dignan
16 Policing and restorative justice, Carolyn Hoyle
17 Prisons and restorative justice, Daniel W. Van Ness
18 Schools and restorative justice, Brenda Morrison
19 Truth commissions and restorative justice, Jennifer Llewellyn
20 Terrorism, religious violence and restorative justice, Christopher D. Marshall
Part 5: Evaluation and Restorative Justice
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
21 Evaluation of restorative justice, Gordon Bazemore and Lori Elis
22 Reoffending and restorative justice, Hennessey Hayes
Part 6: The Global Appeal of Restorative Justice
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
23 The international Development of restorative justice, David Miers
24 Regional reviews
A. Africa (Ann Skelton)
B. Asia (Ping Wang, Xiaohua Di and King Hung Wan)
C. Europe (Jolien Willemsens and Lode Walgrave)
D. Latin America (Pedro Scuro)
E. North America (Daniel W. Van Ness)
F. Pacific (Gabrielle Maxwell and Hennessey Hayes)
G. Themes (Dobrinka Chankova and Daniel W. Van Ness)
25 Conflict resolution in South Africa: a case study, Jan Froestad and Clifford Shearing
Part 7: The Future of Restorative Justice
Introduction, Gerry Johnstone and Daniel W. Van Ness
26 Integrating criminal justice and restorative justice, Lode Walgrave
27 Human rights and restorative justice, Ann Skelton and Makubetse Sekhonyane
28 Critical perspectives on restorative justice, Gerry Johnstone
29 Ethics, universal principles and restorative justice, George Pavlich
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