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Problem-solving justice

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In recent months, the Center for Court Innovation has been exploring a new frontier: going to scale with the concept of problem-solving justice.

The basic idea is to move the problem-solving approach from the margins of the justice system into the mainstream, spreading the principles and practices—informed decision-making, judicial monitoring, community engagement, a focus on results, etc.—that have proven to be effective in drug courts, community courts, and other problem-solving courts beyond specialized courtrooms.

As part of this effort, the Center has created an online resource for practitioners at www.problemsolvingjustice.org.

This web portal offers short primers on such topics as:

· Principles of Problem-Solving Justice
· Using Data
· Engaging Stakeholders
· Publicizing Your Program
· Finding Resources
· Planning
· Mapping Community Resources
· Using Diversion as Part of a Problem-Solving Strategy
· Developing a Community Service Protocol
· Evaluating Your Program

The web page also offers monographs, sample documents, interviews, and other resources.

These materials were created with the help of the US Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance, which tapped the Center for Court Innovation to serve as its technical assistance provider under the Community-Based Problem-Solving Criminal Justice Initiative.

Informação disponível na página do Center for Court Innovation.

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