segunda-feira, abril 17, 2006

70 lugares extra para Barcelona

Atento o interesse que suscitou e a tristeza dos que se depararam com o fecho das inscrições, aqui ficam boas notícias:

"As you might know, the Barcelona conference which we are organising in June was already fully booked on 15 March! Because there were so many people on a waiting list, we have been looking for a possibility to extend the number of participants in the conference. The 'problem' was lying in the fact that the plenary room 'only' provided place for 230 participants.

We have now decided to install a screen in a second large room and to create a video and audio link with the main plenary room. This allows us to accept some 70 extra participants in the conference.

This means that if you are still interested to come to the conference and you have not registered yet, you can do so now.

All information relating to the conference can be found on our website:"

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