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It took place in Warsaw - 22/24 Nov. 2006 - the final conference of the Action A21 - COST.

After four years of intensive research, Warsaw was the concluding session of this Action - the work developed so far was presented within a structure of plenary sessions and simultaneous workshops.

For me this was THE experience, not only on the professional but also on the personal level. It was definitly the most enjoyable way to work.

A special word for Prof. Ivo Aertsen - chair of the Action - for his hardwork and kindness; for the 4 Working Groups' chairs who made the work within each working group so easy; for Jolien Willemsens for all the support she offered via EFRJ; for Borbala Fellegi for keeping some images of the wonderful moments that we spend together.

One final appreciation note for our hosters in Warsaw - Dobrochna, Maria and Michael.

Thank you all!

The clip I picked up for this post has to do with the very portuguese emotion - saudade (to miss).

Needless to say... I miss you already!

But I also believe that this was not the end, and I'm sure we'll keep on.

Looking forward to greet you in Lisbon again, so that we can have another 'Lisbon Story' .



Blogger Beni said...

Dear Cost Action A21 members and invited experts,
I want to join Sonia`s initiative and congratulate you all for being part of such a special group of people, with an authentic desire to improve our Society; and a special thanks to the Chair, Ivo who formed and led so wisely the group.
I wish the network will have continuity and will continue in a new "dress" with most of the previous members if not all.
Thank you all and remember that if in Israel, you have an address!and I expect you to get in touch.
As Sonia I already feel "Sudades" for the group.

sábado, dezembro 02, 2006 9:54:00 da tarde  
Blogger Sónia Sousa Pereira said...

Saudades, Beni!!


Tel-Aviv is still memorable, always will be!


domingo, dezembro 03, 2006 12:05:00 da manhã  

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