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The Sulha Today

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"If a serious crime such as murder occurs, the first step in a Sulha is that the offender's family approaches a number of different individuals respected as peacemakers and begs for their help. If they offer it, the peacemakers visit the victim's family: "We are asked by the offender and his family to come and pay you a visit in order to have the honor of offering their repentance and to express their sorrow for what has happened and to ask you to be kind - to have a great deal of honor on your own part and to let us take the case into our hands and see how we can help to restore peace between you" (Jabbour 1997, p. 31). "

Braithwaite, John. 2002. Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation. Oxford: University Press.

Despertou-me a curiosidade e fui procurar por algo mais, encontrei aqui, aqui e um vídeo muito elucidativo aqui.

Claro está que falamos de uma realidade cultural específica, cujas tradições contemplam ancestralmente estas práticas.

Interessante, sem dúvida!

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