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Instituto de Criminologia precisa-se!

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Está aberto o prazo de candidatura para o Programa AGIS 2006.

What is the purpose of the AGIS Programme?

To provide European citizens with a high level of protection in an area of freedom, security and justice.
To develop, implement and evaluate European policies in this field.
To promote and strengthen networking, mutual co-operation on general subjects of common interest to the Member States, the exchange and dissemination of information, experience and best practices, local and regional co-operation and the improvement and adaptation of training and technical and scientific research.
To encourage Member States to step up co-operation with the applicant countries, other third countries and appropriate regional and international organisations.

Who can benefit from AGIS funding?

AGIS is aimed at:
legal practitioners: judges, public prosecutors, lawyers, law official, criminal investigation officers, bailiffs, experts, court interpreters and other professionals associated with the judiciary,
law-enforcement officials and officers: public bodies in Member States, which are responsible under national law for preventing, detecting and combating criminal offences;
officials in other government departments and representatives of associations, professional organisations, research and business involved in fighting and preventing crime, organised or otherwise;
representatives of victim assistance services, including public departments responsible for immigration and social services.

What AGIS co-finance in practice?

The programme shall support projects of a maximum duration of two years in the following areas:
judicial co-operation in general and criminal matters, including training,
co-operation between law enforcement authorities or other public or private organisations in the Members States involved in preventing and fighting crime, organised or otherwise,
co-operation between Member States to achieve effective protection of the interests of victims in criminal proceedings.
The activities are: training, exchange and placement schemes; studies and research, dissemination of the results obtained, establishment of networks, conferences and seminars..
The projects are transnational and they should involve at least three Member States, or two Member States and one applicant country.

Who are the promoters?

Public or private institutions and bodies, including professional organisations, non-governmental organisations, associations, organisations representing business, research and basic and further training institutes. They should have legal personality and send evidence of their legal status.
Initiatives by private individual are not eligible for the programme.

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